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Case Study

This client was operating a company specialising in software for defence and aerospace industries. Within their niche area, the clients dominated business within the UK. The business was however loss-making and had no long-term strategy in place.                                                                                                             

  • WS & Co were engaged to provide business consultancy with a view to restoring profitability and putting in place a longer term strategy.
  • WS & Co developed a business growth strategy supported by a global business plan and specific region plans.
  • The clients established a presence in North America with the help of WS & Co. This included finding local experts to assist with the running of the US offices.

The business was restored to its profitability within six months however it became clear that substantial resource and capital would be required in order to fully realise the potential of this company. As a result WS & Co were asked to examine the client’s options for a trade sale of the company or flotation on AIM (Alternative Investment Market).

Following review of these options the directors determined to sell the company. WS & Co were engaged to manage the sale process which involved:

  • Identifying potential buyers with a view to maximising sale value
  • Making contact and opening initial negotiations with these potential purchasers

  • Co-ordinating requests for business information from the purchasers and manage due diligence

  • Reviewing all contracts and documents to be signed by the client / shareholders and provide advice on the commercial aspects of such contracts

  • Negotiating the detailed terms of the transaction with the purchaser on the clients behalf

The company was eventually sold for in excess of $16.5 million.

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