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IT Reseller

This firm works in partnership with their clients to help them obtain the technology solutions they need for their business.  

  • Our client had been promised a large amount of investment that became unavailable at short notice
  • In order to develop the business our clients were keen to obtain an investment of £44,000 to expand their on-line marketing
  • The firms services are typically paid for by commissions over a 2 or 3 year contract WS & Co were able to agree a contract finance facility of £44,000 to enable them to go ahead with their marketing investment.
  • Repayments were made over 24 months from future receivables of these longer term contracts.

Neither traditional factoring nor invoice discounting would consider these contracts due to their longer term nature.

This agreement has now been fully repaid and WS & Co are in discussions with the clients about possible future ventures.


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