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Hair Salon

This client had been managing a highly successful hair salon in their local area for many years when the opportunity to open their own salon arose.

In addition to some private backers, our client worked with their bank to get the new business underway.

  • Unfortunately the bank was not able to make a decision and provide finance within the timescales required.

  • WS & Co entered into a working capital agreement with the clients. This provided them with access to £30,000 available to be drawn down and repaid as necessary.
  • In addition to the working capital agreement that enabled the premises to be completed, a lease agreement provided £27,500 worth of essential equipment to be leased over a three year period.  

  • As part of the agreement WS & Co have a minor shareholding in the company and as such are personally invested in helping this business to succeed.

  • The relationship between the client and WS & Co is an on-going one which provides the client with business consultancy to ensure their business profit is maximised and potential pitfalls are avoided.

The intervention of WS & Co facilitated the opening of this salon. It has allowed an ambitious manager the opportunity to follow their dream of running their own business.

For this client the combination of working capital and leasing provided the financing solution that met their needs.

WS & Co have the flexibility and expertise to tailor financing solutions to meet each company’s unique requirements.

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