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Marketing Company

This new-start marketing firm had been operating for six months at the time WS & Co first met them.

The business was profitable but lacked the capital to invest in the new premises it desperately needed to support their expansion.

  • They had committed to a move to new premises, which were to be fully refurbished in order to fit with their company image. The total amount of funding required was £125,000
  • The directors had been promised funding by their bankers but this had been withdrawn as a result of the credit crunch and they were finding it extremely difficult to raise the required funds anywhere else

  • WS & Co were able to provide a leasing facility themselves and were also able to arrange for the remaining funding to be provided by two other finance companies.

  • By using industry knowledge and relationships, WS & Co were able to breakdown the full requirements of the client and package them for the leasing firms in a way which was agreeable to them.

WS & Co’s ability to act quickly made a real difference to this client.

By using industry knowledge and relationships a unique proposition was created which enabled the clients to get the equipment they desperately needed for their company’s future development.

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